Carnivals, Fetes & Events

aw2 Having donkey rides available at your carnival, fete or show can be an excellent source of fundraising revenue. They are proven to attract more foot fall and are lots of fun for all children and adults in attendance.

We are fully licensed and insured to cater for your event with responsible and experienced leaders for every donkey. The safety and enjoyment of the children is of paramount importance. Each child is fitted with a hat supplied by us and each donkey led individually by a handler. Have you thought about donkey rides at your event?

Donkeys are not only an attraction to the children but often even more so to the adults who fondly remember donkey rides from their own childhood. Many children at the summer events we cater for who are on holiday from towns and cities have never even experienced contact with donkeys before, let alone the chance to ride them.

We do of course have rules to adhere to for the welfare of our donkeys. There is a weight limit of 8 stone and an age limit of 16. Donkeys are always given regular breaks as specified by our experienced staff.

Water is available at all times and food as necessary.

Our Donkeys can cater for all types of events including Children's Parties, Carnivals + Fetes, Fundraising + Fun Days, Care Home Visits, Schools + Educational Organisations, Promotions, Donkey Derbys.

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