aw5 The welfare of our Donkeys is extremely important to us, whether they are our wonderful working donkeys or non-working donkeys that cannot work for various reasons; some are retired, and some didn’t have the best start in life and prefer to stay at home in their comfort zone. All our donkeys receive the same high level of care, love and attention from our team.

Worming and vaccinations are kept up-to-date, their teeth are regularly checked and the farrier a (specialist in equine care) visits frequently to trim their feet. Every year we have an inspection from the local council who bring a vet to check the health and condition of our donkeys. They also check the tack (Saddles, bridle etc.), to make sure all is safe and fits comfortably, and the knowledge of our staff is tested. The team have all attended donkey care courses and several study animal management.

Our donkeys have plenty of time to rest, whether that is between seasons or on dedicated rest days during busy periods. They all have the freedom to be out grazing and always have access to water and shelter; during bad weather conditions they even spend time indoors.

Our working donkeys only work a maximum of 4 days per week. Water is always offered to them regularly regardless of the working location or situation.

We understand our donkeys’ needs and we provide them the highest level of care.